The Cageliner

New Puzzles Have Arrived!
By Huit Blackmon '21 November 19, 2020

Our indefatigable Puzzle Master, Huit Blackmon '21, has crafted some tantalizing new puzzles for your perusal. Click the link below to access...

Sarcasm Central: Quarantine Edition
By Abby Ross '21 May 2, 2020

How do I cut my own hair? Surprisingly, it’s pretty very easy. First you need some gum. If you don’t have any, caramel will work too, you...

Perspective: Information and resources addressing sexual assault
By Anya Weller '22 December 26, 2020

CONTENT WARNING: descriptions of sexual assault and forensic exams regarding assaults and rape. In any given school year, about 58% of students...

Striving for hope and change amid human rights atrocities
By Anya Weller '22 November 16, 2020

Americans are exhausted. In just a few months, we have lost heroes like John Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg in addition to facing the consequences...

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