The Cageliner

Sarcasm Central: Quarantine Edition
By Abby Ross '21 May 3, 2020

How do I cut my own hair? Surprisingly, it’s pretty very easy. First you need some gum. If you don’t have any, caramel will work too, you...

Sarcasm Central: December Edition
By Abby Ross '21 December 20, 2019

Does a shield count as a weapon? Sure. It’s just a really blunt sword. In my book, as long as you aren’t a wuss and could bash someone’s...

The importance of positive takeaways
By Anya Weller '22 May 3, 2020

The capital of the United States, a city normally abundant with activity, now feels like a ghost town. The only sounds in the desolate...

Why marches shrink, and what now?
By Anya Weller '22 January 29, 2020

The first Women’s March took place on January 21, 2017. Attendance skyrocketed past the predicted numbers, and the movement became the biggest...

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