Meet Burke’s newest faculty and staff

Jamie Schmutter — High School Math Teacher

Jamie grew up in Oceanside, New York and later arrived in Maryland to get her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the University of Maryland, College Park. In her freshman year of high school, Jamie discovered her love of math which, combined with her interest in teaching, led her to working as a math teacher. For the past five years, Jamie lived across the street from Burke and when she decided to leave her previous job, she thought Burke was the right fit because of the welcoming and friendly atmosphere along with its convenience. Jamie is set to get married next August (#JustinlovewithJamie). Jamie also really loves Harry Potter and the beach.

Mitch Masucci — High School History Teacher

Mitch is originally from Altoona, Pennsylvania and spent the last eleven years in Philadelphia before his wife got a job in DC and they moved here. Mitch’s love of teaching and his passion for humanities and leadership influenced his interest in teaching history. The sense of community and values of Burke inspired Mitch to apply for a job here and also made the school a perfect fit. Mitch also possesses a love of sci-fi movies, vinyl records, and his two dogs and two cats.

Jason Rosenberg — Computer Science Teacher

Jason grew up in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to Mount Airy, Maryland. Jason worked as a web developer for a few years and later while working as a teacher at UMBC, discovered his passion for teaching. While looking at schools to work at in DC, he found Burke and because some of Jason’s friends’ children went to Burke, he had a positive idea of the culture and environment here. Jason has an identical twin and lives on a small farm with his family where he stays very tech mindful.

Julia Harman-Cain — Director of Communications & Marketing

Julia grew up in Needham, Massachusetts and moved to DC thirteen years later to work in a dance education program where she later focused on external relations. Julia was interested in continuing her education path and because she lived in the same neighborhood, she decided to check out Burke. She found that Burke was a fast-paced and welcoming environment. Julia takes an interest in math and NCAA Division 1 womens’ gymnastics and she can play a 16th-century card game called piquet. She also holds an extreme dislike of pizza in all forms.

Laura Boyer — Director of Summer Programs

Laura grew up in Takoma Park, Maryland and spent eight years in Philadelphia before deciding to come back to the DMV. Laura started in musical theater and dance work before rediscovering her love of education. She was instantly hooked on the environment of Burke when she found it while switching jobs. Laura has a tabby cat named Callie and in her free time takes boxing classes. Her favorite ice cream combo is chocolate on the top and mint chocolate chip ice cream on the bottom.

Alison Schulte — Earth System Sciences Teacher

Alison grew up in Minnesota before later moving to DC to be closer to family and to further develop her career path. Alison started off as pre-med in college and then decided to move her focus to biology and environmental studies. She then started volunteering with a fishery where she conducted research in the Great Basin. Alison discovered Burke through a friend and liked the mission statement and the variety of activities at Burke. This summer, Alison climbed the highest 14’er in the Rockies. She takes an interest in climate change and its correlation with the spread of diseases. She also has two brothers who both also have Bachelor’s degrees in the sciences.

Morgan Gargulak — Conceptual Chemistry and Biology Teacher

Morgan is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and moved to DC when her husband took a job here. Morgan majored in biology studies in college and when she moved to DC, took a research job with the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. She later got an M.Ed in Secondary Education when she discovered her love of teaching. Morgan was looking for a job in education and really liked the philosophy and learning environment of Burke, so she decided to apply. Morgan has a twin sister and a fluffy cat named Toby.

Jadéa Asante — Communications and Marketing Associate

Jadéa grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey and moved to DC to work at Burke. Jadéa studied Public Relations and Graphic Design in college and has always liked digital communication. Jadéa decided to work at Burke because she loved the inclusivity of the community and thought the job title was perfect for her. She also loved the friendly and unique environment of Burke when she arrived. Jadéa is a Capricorn and loves to travel.

Editor’s note: Branden McGarrity (Math Teacher) and Chalis Waizenegger (High School Learning Specialist) did not respond in time for publication.