Tragedy puts on stellar show at Hill Country Barbecue

Many bands don’t have a theme. Many bands are serious in their music. However, there are some bands that do have a theme and there are also plenty of comedic bands. One specific band has both of that is Tragedy: An All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees and Beyond. This band is exactly what comes to mind when reading their name and description: a band that does metal covers of Bee Gees songs and more.

The band came to D.C. on September 21 at Hill Country Barbeque, a restaurant and live concert venue about two blocks from the Gallery Place metro. About 50 people in total came to watch the band. At around 9:45, the band walked onstage with “Lance the Towel Boy” in the lead with a siren on his head and a megaphone (more on that later). Lance then immediately got out a recorder to play a low-quality version of the 20th Century Fox theme song. The rest of the band then started playing their cover of the same song, before launching into a cover of “Fame” (which they had covered for their latest album “Tragedy Goes To the Movies”). The rest of their set included covers of songs such as “Country Roads,” “Funky Town,” “Sweet Caroline,” “9 to 5,” “It’s Raining Men,” “Dancing Queen,” and “Stayin’ Alive.” At the end of the set, the band invited onstage any female audience members who were willing to participate. Many band members went around through the audience and interacted with fans.

Overall, the concert was very great and intimate with plenty of interaction. Lance did multiple stunts on stage including painting, making bubbles with a bubble wand, going into the crowd, shooting glitter into the audience, wearing masks, pretending to play instruments, and pretending to be a DJ during the encore. There were other onstage stunts and jokes as well (including a lot of NSFW ones that didn’t make this article).

Overall, the show had excellent stage presence from the band members, hilarious stunts and jokes, and interaction with the crowd. After the show, the band went over to meet with fans and sell merchandise at the table and even talked with some fans. The promoter of Hill Country Barbeque wants the band to continue playing there, so no doubt they will be back in town someday.