As SGA raises money, student DJs raise the roof

Burke’s first-ever winter formal on January 24th, introduced new twists like inviting other schools, holding the dance in the atrium, and featuring student DJs Max Streitwieser ’20 and Etienne Jackson-Jones ‘20.

The dance had a $10 entry fee to benefit financial aid, and SGA Co-Presidents Nathan Weisbrod and April Watts ’21 announced at a subsequent assembly that the event raised over $1000.

Streitwieser’s initial interest in DJing began with creating dance music in 7th grade. “I listened to and followed a lot of DJs [and] producers and started to watch their live festival sets on YouTube,” he said. “I wanted to give it a shot, even if the furthest I got was just DJing in my room. I ordered a DJ controller online about a year ago and learned by practicing and watching YouTube tutorials.”

In order to save the cost of hiring a DJ and bring an energetic sense of community to the dance, Streitwieser approached SGA about possibly DJing the event. Jackson-Jones then reached out to him to ask if they could do it together, and they began preparing. “I created a few different playlists with songs that I thought would be well-received at the dance,” Streitwieser said. “Etienne made a really good playlist too, [which] we ended up using primarily.”

The music seemed to go over well, and the dance was “good for a Burke function,” according to Jonah Lecompte ’21. Lecompte added, “It was really cool to see Max and Etienne DJ.”

In addition to DJing, Streitwieser has his first single as a producer coming out on February 14th. He is also working on a pop/dance project with Oren Strobel ’20. Streitwieser said, “I feel like I’ve recently been able to make some productions that I’m happy with and proud of, so I can’t wait to finally share them.” He and Strobel are currently looking for vocalists to finish the songs and release them.

Streitwieser was happy to get a chance to do something musical in the Burke community, saying “The amount of energy in the room was incredible and many people seemed to be having a great time. I’ve wanted to DJ at Burke for a long time, so I’m glad the perfect opportunity came along.”