Teachers show support for retiring Miracky

Teachers Ginger Attarian and Amy Cataldo decided to shave their heads in order to stand in solidarity with Head of Middle School Monica Miracky in her fight through cancer.

Attarian initially had the idea and shared it with other teachers including Cataldo, who decided to do it as well. They decided that this was the best way to demonstrate the care and love they have for Miracky, since it enables them to let her and everyone else know that they stand with her.

Attarian, who has known Miracky for 23 years, explained that her reasoning behind this idea came after she was thinking about how she could display her love and care for Miracky during this hard time. She said, “When Monica announced to me that she was retiring and that her cancer had come back in ways that would require treatment that would involve losing her hair again, I just thought, ‘this wonderful colleague, incredible teacher, who I’ll miss immensely, who I care about deeply, what could I do to show her that I’m with her?’”

In an email, Miracky said, “I was so surprised and touched when Ginger and Amy walked into my office one Monday morning and bared their bald heads, but now… I’m moved even more and incredibly grateful to have such fiercely supportive colleagues.”

Cataldo, who’s known Miracky for 19 years, explained how the act of shaving their heads was to stand in solidarity not only with Miracky but also the wider community of people fighting cancer. “Mostly it’s with Monica, but really to show support for anyone struggling with cancer. It’s a hard road and just to give everybody a little boost if they need it,” she said.

Miracky appreciated this as well. “I love the broader statement Ginger and Amy are making, too. So many family members, friends, and total strangers battle difficult diseases like cancer,” she said.

Attarian and Cataldo weren’t sure whether they’d shave again when their hair grows back. “I originally thought no way, but there’s a certain freedom with having no hair… it’s been cooler than I thought,” said Attarian.

Cataldo expressed that big actions aren’t only the ways people can support Miracky and others struggling through cancer. “ I think being kind, being thoughtful, and just taking time out of your day to say hi… just those little moments, those little thoughts, those little actions can have a really big impact.”

Miracky agreed, saying “When we come together as a community to stand by their sides, we emphasize the power for [the] good of our shared humanity.”