Guide to DC Elections

Guide to DC Elections

If you’re 18+ and a D.C. Resident, this could help you decide who to vote for in your local elections! There are also many more seats on the ballot than those listed here (school board, ANC, etc.), so make sure you do thorough research if you haven’t yet voted.

WHAT: D.C election for the at large council member (2 candidates will be elected) and election for council members representing wards 8, 2, 4, and 7. In addition, the election is for the new D.C Board of Education

WHEN: November 3rd, 2020

How to vote:

  • Drop off your ballot at one of the various mail ballot drop boxes located throughout the city. You can see which ballot drop box is closest to you here
  • Vote at one of the early voting centers which are open until November 2nd from 8:30 am to 7pm. Visit this link to see where you can do so nearby.
  • Vote centers- vote here on election day anytime from 7 a.m to 8 p.m. You can find out where to do so here.



At large council election candidates (you can vote for two):

  • Keith Silver (Independent)
    • Washingtonian, attended DCPS
    • Passionate about gentrification, drug addiction, senior services education, healthcare, poverty and diversity.
  • Michangelo Scruggs (Independent)
    • Independent 
    • Lives in Crestwood, D.C
  • Addison Sarter (Independent)
    • Committed to fixing affordable housing crisis
    • She is “advocating for reparations for the past 400 years of slavery, terrorism, and apartheid that black Americans have faced and still face today. “-
  • Marya Pickering (Republican)
    • Wants to: improve d.c graduation rate, prevent homlessness, create affordable housing, respect the environment, help local businesses, more bipartisan culture in D.C re Republicans 
    • Age 74
  • Ann Wilcox (Green Party U.S)
    • Affordable housing, D.C statehood
  • Robert White (Democrart)
    • Council member since 2016
    • Passionate about local education, affordable housing, racial justice and equality, employment in D.C
  • Joseph Bishop-Henchman (Libertarian)
    • Libertarian
    • Lawyer and Policy analyst
    • Wants more housing and to “hold agencies accountable”
  • Markus Batchelor (Indepndendent)
    • Endorses Washington Teachers’ Union, United we Dream Action Fund,  People for the American Way
  • Mario Cristaldo(democrat)
    • Independent, leans towards Democratic beliefs 
    • Dedicated to social justice
  • Claudia Barragan (Independent)
    • Former policy staff for Trayon White
    • Committed to public service, community empowerment, immigrant rights
  • Franklin Garcia (Independent)
    • Wants to “empower the people through government”
    • Endorsed by Charles Moreland
  • Marcus Goodwin (Independent)
    • Real estate developer
    • Wants equitable economic growth, affordable housing
    • Native Washingtonian
  • Calvin Gurley (Democrat)
    • “Bill Moyers” ideology
    •  Accountant
    • Attended Eastern HS, grew up in ward 6
  • Christina Henderson (Independent)
    • U.S Senate Staffer
    • Passionate about equality for every ward, reproductive health, medical marijuana, DCPS, 
    • Worked for DCPS
  • Kathy Henderson (Independent)
    • Lived in NE, D.C most of her life
    • Committed to city projects and development which will improve cities wellbeing, committing to empowering ward 5. 
  • A’shia Howard (Independent)
    • 5th generation washingtonian
    • Committed to homelessness, grocery stores, affordable housing, local businesses, law enforcement
  • Chander Jayaraman (Independent)
    • Wants to protect the city, safely reopen schools, support workers and small businesses 
    • ANC commissioner
  • Ed Lazere (Independent)
    • Committing to fighting for a “moral budget”, D.C housing, education equality, preventing an eviction crisis, health care justice
    • Raised his kids in D.C
  • Jeanne Lewis (Independent)
    • Wants D.C statehood, sustainable development and housing
  • Will Merrifield (Independent)
    • Former attorney at the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless
    • Committed to education, affordable housing, healthcare 
  • Rick Murphee(Independent)
    • Wants an economy that “works for all,” youth opportunities, prioritizing service members and veterans, accountability for D.C government 
  • Vincent Orange (Democrat)
    • Public accountant, attorney
    • At large member since 2011
    • Wants to reboot the economy, paid leave benefits, free tuition for UDC for all D.C residents, secure WIFI for all D.C students, police reform, removal of speed cameras in D.C low income neighborhoods.
  • Alexander Padro(Independent)
    • Lives in SHAW
    • Graduated from New York Public Schools
    • Endorsed by LGBTQ Victor Fund
  • Monica Palacio (Independent)
    • Former director for D.C Office for Human Rights
    • Passionate about racial justice, civil and human rights
  • Eric Rogers (Independent)
    • D.C resident focused 
    • D.C native
    • Passionate about financial security in D.C, college readiness in D.C, safe neighborhoods in D.C, affordability in D.C

Ward 8 election:

  • Trayon White (Democrat, current council member)
    • Learn about him here
  • Nate Derenge (Republican) 
    • Learn about him here
  • Christopher Cole (Independent)
    • Learn about him here
  • Frederick Hill III (Independent)
    • Learn about him here

Ward 7 election:

  • Vincent Gray (Democrat)- running unopposed
    • Learn about him here

Ward 4 election:

  • Perry Redd (Green party)
    • Learn about him here
  • Janeese Lewis George (Democrat) 
    • Learn about her here

Ward 2 election:

  • Brooke Pinto (Democrat, current council member)
    • Learn about her here
  • Katherine Venice (Republican)
    • Learn about her here
  • Peter Bolton (Green party)
    • Meet about him here
  • Randy Downs (Independent)
    • Learn about him here
  • Martin Fernandez (Independent)
    • Learn about him here