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New Puzzles Have Arrived!

By Huit Blackmon '21, Copy Editor November 19, 2020

Our indefatigable Puzzle Master, Huit Blackmon '21, has crafted some tantalizing new puzzles for your perusal. Click the link below to access the PDF, and when you think you've cracked it, consult the...

Sarcasm Central: Quarantine Edition

By Abby Ross '21, Opinions Editor May 3, 2020

How do I cut my own hair? Surprisingly, it’s pretty very easy. First you need some gum. If you don’t have any, caramel will work too, you just need to heat up some sugar. Chew the gum, or heat the...

Sarcasm Central: December Edition

By Abby Ross '21, Opinions Editor December 20, 2019

Does a shield count as a weapon? Sure. It’s just a really blunt sword. In my book, as long as you aren’t a wuss and could bash someone’s head in with it, it’s a weapon. You just need to make it...

Lowest Common Denominator: Holidays

By Huit Blackmon '21, Copy Editor December 19, 2019

So what are winter holidays for? Fighting with your family, exchanging gift cards with relatives you barely know, and getting drunk on eggnog? Why do holidays even exist? Well, let’s see. Thousands...

Lowest Common Denominator: on munching squares

By Huit Blackmon '21, Copy Editor November 24, 2019

It’s good to learn something every day. For example, I used to think that this column was about math. Turns out it’s not. My first draft about the nuances of adding and subtracting fractions was harshly...

Sarcasm Central October 2019

By Abby Ross '21, Opinions Editor October 27, 2019

Buckle up, buttercups. They haven’t gotten rid of me yet. Sarcasm is back and better than ever. And by that, I mean I’m getting half the sleep, don’t care anymore and wanna see what they’ll let...

Tragedy puts on stellar show at Hill Country Barbecue

By Jeremy Rubin-Thomas '20 October 27, 2019

Many bands don’t have a theme. Many bands are serious in their music. However, there are some bands that do have a theme and there are also plenty of comedic bands. One specific band has both of that...

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