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2019-2020 Staff

Alice Crafford '21

Alice Crafford ’21

I'm currently a senior, and came to Burke in sixth grade. I joined The Cageliner last year because I love to write, and it's been fabulous! So far, my...

Solana Torres ’22

Solana Torres is in 11th grade, with an interest in writing, linguistics, and history. She joined the Cageliner in 6th grade, and has continued to write...

Jacob Zuckerman '22

Jacob Zuckerman ’22

Jacob has been writing news for The Cageliner since his freshman year in 2018 to contribute to Burke's newspaper and grow as a writer in the process. He...

Reed Roddy-Johnson '23

Reed Roddy-Johnson ’23

Hey I'm Reed. I'm in tenth grade and I've been on the paper since sixth grade. Some of the stuff that I've enjoyed writing most was a series of articles...

Jen Chiancone '21

Jen Chiancone ’21

I'm Jen! I write features and do layout design for the Cageliner. My favorite thing about the Cageliner is Jeremy's iron grip, strong leadership skills, and ...


Isabel Gottlieb-Nemo ’21

Isabel is a senior at Burke who started writing for The Cageliner in early 2019 after taking a class in journalism. She mostly writes about political and...

Anya Weller '22

Anya Weller ’22

My name is Anya Weller and I am a junior in high school. I have been attending Burke since 8th grade and I have been writing for The Cageliner for about...

Abby Ross ’21

Hi, I'm Abby! I'm the opinions editor and writer of Sarcasm Central, an unhelpful advice column that has somehow run for all four years I've been on the...

Jeremy Green '21

Jeremy Green ’21

I've been at Burke since 6th grade, and I've been on The Cageliner the whole time (minus the week and a half before Club Expo in 2014). I've written on...

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